The Eros Snow Dome surrounded the Shaftesbury Memorial, an iconic aluminium sculpture situated in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, and featured as a centre piece of Westminiter's Christmas decorations.

The structure was 19m high and the globe consisted of 685m² of clear PVC fabric with a diameter of 15 meters, with a ballast-filled steel base weighing in at twenty-one tons. Inside the inflated fabric dome, eight machines released artificial snow.

Such a pioneering project presented many challenges, we worked closely with the fabricators to assure its structural feasibility. Time constraints meant that there were less than two months to transform it from a concept to it being taken live on the busy central London site. The scale, alongside the safety regulations associated with public assembly, the complex logistics and the media pressure made it a complicated design and implementation process. However, we overcame these challenges to create the ‘World’s Largest Snow Globe’.