Bevis Marks, UK.

6 Bevis Marks features over 10,000 square feet of landscaped roof gardens that tops a series of stepped terraces. One of which is partly encased by a light and open ETFE floating roof structure, providing a dramatic, all-weather open air space.  The gardens required an innovative and exciting approach, while also complementing the architecture of its unique neighbours.

A framework of CHS steel members forms the roofed ‘sky garden’. This garden is encased on only two sides, leaving the remaining two elevations open to the elements.  The steelwork attaches to the main frame at level 11 on one side, and 15 on the other. This framework consists of eight 355mm CHS columns and typically 193mm CHS members up to the seven rafters.

During this project DDA Engineers brought forward their expertise in developing appropriate solutions for ETFE structures. 

Client: Vector Foiltec

Architect: Fletcher Priest Architects

Location: London

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