What we do.

We have the ability to draw from our experienced staff to create project teams based upon the specific expertise relevant to each projects' unique requirement.  Our proven track record encompasses all building types, from traditional concrete, timber and steel structures through to modern fabrics, ETFE and glass. In all projects that we undertake there is a high consideration for sustainable design and the implementation of eco-conscious methods.

We have been long standing adopters of BIM and Integrated Project Delivery. On the majority of our projects we use real time, three dimensional, dynamic building modelling. The benefits include; clash-free design and real time issue reviews, improvements in productivity and construction management, the ability to fully integrate off-site manufacture as well as control of on-site activities and a positive impact on cost.

A proportion of our consultancy work comes from working for contractors, either main contractors or specialist steel, concrete or cladding contractors. Our role is often to optimize existing tender designs to provide more efficient structural solutions, to reduce cost, improve buildability, and to avoid significant re-design later on.

We have extensive experience and offer specialist consulting in the following sectors...


We use 3D Auto CAD, Revit, SketUp and Podium to turn our concept sketches into rendered forms for visualisation purposes. This provides assurance to both Architect and Client of the true proportions of any structural scheme. This can be linked to other in-house software to provide accurate and truthful modelling of complex geometric forms.


We work closely with specialist contractors and design teams to develop appropriate solutions for this material. We have an extensive portfolio of ETFE projects ranging from small atria roof to 43,000m2 of canopy structures in Singapore.


On complex schemes where the cost and buildability need to be defined pre-contract, we offer fast, accurate structural assessment to aid specialist contractors in fixed contract pricing. In addition we can advise pre-contract of any potential areas for savings and where hidden issues may arise.


Where the quality of detailing is paramount to the architect’s vision but also where simplicity of design can optimise cost and buildability. In addition to producing elegant designs with architects for buildings we also work with contractors such as SH Structures when they are required to complete the structural design for steel packages.


We work with specialist façade contractors to develop the structure for walls and roofs where are experience of architectural engineering and materials can contribute to the quality and efficiency of the design.


We work closely with Tensys to form find and analyse membrane and cable structures. This is followed through to detailed design and the production of component drawings.


We design and detail structures that use plastic hollow spheres to provide void formers within reinforced concrete flat slabs. This form of construction reduces the amount of concrete used and therefore the load on foundations.