Harlech Castle Footbridge, Snowdonia

Harlech Castle Footbridge, Wales

Blue Whale, London, NHM

Blue Whale, Natural History Museum

New Housing, Surrey

New housing, Surrey

Sochi Stadium, Sochi

Fisht Stadium, Sochi

Qatar Showcase Stadium

Qatar Showcase Stadium

Stonegrove Church and Community Centre, Edgware

Stonegrove Church and Community Centre, Uk

Cutty Sark Visitor Centre, UK

Copperfield Road, London

We are an innovative structural engineering practice working within the UK and Internationally.


Our focus is to develop elegant and efficient structural designs that respond appropriately to the architectural concept and the building constraints.

The practice was originally established in 2002. Following a rebrand and reorganisation, the same successful team of experienced creative designers (who have all worked for progressive engineering practices) remain at the forefront of modern design and construction.

Now, DDA Engineers is recognised as a leading structural engineering consultancy.


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