Bishop David Brown School, Woking, UK.

Bishop David Brown School in Woking is aiming to become a central element within the community’s regeneration strategy. The school are keen to provide state of the art resources for both the students and the wider community. 

The new steel structure is set within an existing courtyard and is supported on new raking internal columns, perimeter columns and the existing concrete frame. The roof was constructed from ETFE cushions to provide a light, open and calm atmosphere. The walls were constructed from composite panels and the windows were retained where possible to optimise costs. The space is naturally ventilated using an innovative system of variable glazed and solid louvers. 

The external works and entrance canopy are designed to lead visitors into the learning centre, while the new two storey link corridor provides improved circulation around the building. 

Due to the nature of interfacing with an existing old building there was an element of the design that was detailed in response to the conditions exposed on site.

Client: Surrey County Council

Architect: RDJW Architects 

Location: Woking, UK

Project Value: £700,000 

Sector: Education

Service: Steel/ ETFE

Status: Complete

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