Kew Gardens Pavilion Restaurant.

The new pavilion bar and grill restaurant at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew was to replace the existing building which had, itself, been rebuilt after a fire in 1913 set by the Suffragettes. 

DDA Engineers were the structural engineers for stage 3+ of the project.  The building is a single storey steel frame sat on a concrete base with an external plant area.  The structural columns are visible meaning a slim efficient design was required.  DDA helped to value engineer the structure which had originally all been designed to be made from bespoke sections. 

The steel connections were designed by DDA and were a challenging part of the project due to the minimal nature of the steelwork and the requirement to cantilever the steelwork to create a canopy over part of the external dining area. 

Part of the challenge of this project was ensuring that the build did not disturb the peace and quiet of the gardens and also building within the vines which could not be removed or replanted that surrounded the original building.  DDA worked closely with the contractor ensure that the programme was kept to ensuring that any noisy works were kept to the quiet winter months.

Client: Graham Construction

Architect: Ryder Architecture

Location: London       

Year of Completion: 2019

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