Living Coasts, UK.

The project is a new marine aviary located on a rocky headland jutting out into the bay.  The construction works included a mast and cable supported net which encloses the whole site and various structures to form the theming of the attraction.  

The new aviary net has a surface area of 6500m2 and is up to 32m above sea level. The tensile form is comprised of a primary network of ridge cables supported on 7 main masts in the centre and 25 guyed masts around the perimeter.

The mesh is a 25mm polypropylene net which spans 20m between the supporting ridge cables. Form Finding provided the ability to model the highly flexible and non-linear nature of such an enclosure.

Detailing of the mast bases accommodated the various interfacing issues, provided by taking support from various exhibit buildings and the changing landscape below.

Client: Paignton Zoo 

Architect: Kay Elliott

Location: Torbay, UK

Project Value: £13.5 million

Sector: Leisure

Service: Tensile / Cable

Status: Complete

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