The distinctive building was the central focus of Qatar’s sustainability plan and FIFA World Cup bid. As part of the bid, Arup Associates have designed a 500 seat ‘model stadium’ that is to be carbon neutral and demonstrate to a world audience that a harsh climate is no longer a barrier to hosting global events. 

An important aspect of the sustainability strategy of the stadium is the moveable canopy roof – the first of its type. One segment rotates to provide cooling shade within the building and the roof, as an entity, incorporates unparalleled levels of thermal insulation via multi-layered ETFE cushions and external solar fabric shades. DDA undertook full design and detail responsibility for all roof steel and cladding post tender. We collaborated closely with ESG, Vector and Sheetfabs to bring this exciting concept to reality within an exceptionally short time-frame. Full 3D modeling was employed throughout and component design had to be mindful of transportation and installation restrictions. 

The project was complete within a tight construction period of four months.