Resort World Senota, Singapore.

Sentosa in Singapore is a leisure and hotel facility with 40,000 m2 of ETFE and PTFE canopies. These canopies envelope the long, semi-enclosed eco-cooled passages and walkways that connect the disparate spheres of activity. There are over 25 individual canopies of ranging in size across the resort, the longest covering the plaza Festive Walk and Universal Plaza which weave through the central zone of the resort. 

The canopies not only provide a protected outdoor environment for the visitors but also have major eco-environmental benefit on the site. The Reduction of reliance on air-conditioning with the usage of ETFE canopies and the eco-coolers are meant to lower ambient temperatures by as much as 41 degrees Fahrenheit/5 degrees Celsius. 

We were responsible for the concept and scheme design for all the canopy structures which ranged in size from 100 sqm to 7500 sqm with spans up to 50m. The final design was carried out by the local engineer using our drawings and analysis models as a base. 

Client: MGM – Genting Singapore 

Architects: Michael Graves & Associates 

Location: Singapore 

Project Value: £30m 

Sector: Lesiure

Service: Steel / ETFE

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