The Lakes (The Avenues Mall), Kuwait.

The lightweight roof covers a plan area of 6800m2 with an average height of 20 meters, creating a tranquil internal courtyard to accompany The Avenues Shopping Mall. 

Our input and expertise in ETFE cushions and complex steel structures provided a solution that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also economically beneficial with a 30% reduction in steel weight in comparison to a traditional glass and steel structure. 

The steel structure supporting the ETFE cushions divides a potentially complex structure into three component parts; the main cluster ‘tree’ columns, perimeter trusses and column and the peak frame and struts. 

Cleanliness of design and a low visible density were important parameters in the delivery of the design, the four identical, twisted columns create an aesthetic feature without deferring from the design vision. 

Each ETFE inflated cushion can have a maximum size of 12meters when triangulated; the result is the cushion can be supported on significantly less structure than traditional means, considerably lowering the embodied energy of the structure. 

 “the client is more than extremely pleased with what has been built, and the very good and professional service
- John Massey (Vector-Foiltec) 


Location: Kuwait 

Value of Project: Approx £3.4m 

Consultation Role: Concept and detail design of ETFE steel work 

Sector: Retail + Commercial

Service: Steel / ETFE / Architectural Engineering

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