Tiger Rock, Chessington, UK.

The enclosures will be connected with Tiger Tunnels, special elevated walkways allowing the big cats to move between them, and providing viewing opportunities for visitors.

Tiger Rock will act as the centerpiece for the area, which the log flume will pass through and tigers will be able to cross over the ride. The area will also include a highly themed entrance portal, viewing shelter and demo area, as well as extensive landscaping and planting.

The focal point of the proposed re-development will be the construction of three new tiger enclosures. The three enclosures will be interconnected by a series of overhead ‘Tiger Tunnels’ which will allow the tigers to move freely between enclosures, at points passing over visitors’ heads. A new themed bridge will also be installed between two of the enclosures which will run parallel with the existing visitor bridge with guests able to observe the tigers through a glass partition. Each of the enclosures will provide a number of vantage points for the tigers, a greater variety of environments, and multiple opportunities for longer distance travel.

Access to the area will be via a new themed entrance portal, which will incorporate one of the ‘tiger tunnels’


Images courtesy of Kay Elliot

Client: Chessington World of Adventures

Architect: Key Elliot

Location: Surrey

Year of Completion: 2017

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