Trotter House, UK.

This organic single storey house is fully enclosed withinan historic walled garden. The clients brief was to produce an ecologically sound design that will aim towards a zero carbon emission goal.

The unique geometry of was rationalised to aid the intended self build construction of the house. The foundations and wall were created using a traditional approach of strip footing, suspended rc slab and blockwork walls.

The timber roof was more complex and employed an irregular pattern of primary Kerto beams which were expressed to form a visual effect to the soffit. These were infilled with biased timbers to create a unique pattern.

The timber roof deck was then covered using an extensive green roof system. This not only adds to the environmental nature but makes the house look totally hidden when viewed externally.

Client: The Trotter Family

Architect: Kirkland Frazer Moor

Location: Childrey, Oxfordshire

Sector: Residential 

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